Lauren grew up in Houston, TX, where her career as an actress started at age 6, performing as a tree in the elementary school version of the Nativity Story. Not a donkey. Not a camel. A tree. 


     This did not stop her from continuing to pursue theatre at age 12; she began acting in several straight plays and musicals, and eventually delved into film. Several years later, Lauren moved to Austin, where she studied Meisner technique and acted in numerous independent films, new media projects, and commercials. She was then recommended by her acting coach to make the move to Los Angeles, where she has since fulfilled her penchant for both drama and comedy in television, film, and new media projects, such as NCIS and Buzzfeed sketches.


    She currently co-stars in the final season of How to Get Away with Murder and is set to star in two independent films that are in pre-production. 




1) I enjoy doing woodland creature and Shakira impersonations.

2) I've written, directed, and produced films.

3) I do standup comedy. 

4) I was my high school's valedictorian, and I released butterflies during my speech as a symbol of our class' future. Their release was followed by an immediate downpour of rain.

5) I have played on a muggle Quidditch team. I was placed in Hufflepuff, but I like to think that was only due to scheduling conflicts.